The Stamford Lacrosse Association's purpose is to promote the game of lacrosse by establishing youth programs for boys and girls, who are residents of the City of Stamford, by providing age appropriate instructional and competitive programs through the ei

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The Stamford Lacrosse Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization for the benefit of boys and girls who are residents of Stamford, Connecticut. To preserve the integrity of our program and of our neighboring programs, we are not permitted to allow non-residents to participate in the Stamford Lacrosse Association youth lacrosse program, even if they attend school in Stamford, when the non-resident's hometown offers a youth lacrosse program.

The goal of our youth lacrosse program is to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for boys and girls to learn the fundamental skills of lacrosse. Our objective is to instill in players a love for the game, respect for their teammates, opponents and officials, personal responsibility and an understanding of good sportsmanship. 

Lacrosse is the country's fastest growing sport and we welcome new players into our spring season program at all age levels. We do not cut anyone from our program.  Instead we attempt to place each player on a team that will allow him/her to develop at the quickest pace while enjoying his/her experience. We develop our game schedules carefully and try to match our squads agains teams of a similar skill level.

At the U9 and U11 levels we encourage children to play a variety of sports and understand that there will sometimes be scheduling conflicts. However, as the players get older, particularly at the U13 and U15 levels, the game becomes competitive. We ask that if they seek a position and are selected for an advanced team that lacrosse be their first commitment. Attendance at practices and games will be a factored into playing time. It is unfair to players who have decided to make a commitment to lacrosse and routinely come to practice to give them the same playing time as someone who comes infrequently. Coaches will make an effort to play every player in every game, but amounts of time will be at the discretion of the coaches.

Lacrosse is the only sports program we operate. This allows all of our attention, efforts and resources to be focused on the development our youth lacrosse program. Our organization was started by individuals with lacrosse experience and a desire to give back to the game. We are committed to reinvest our time, revenue and resources into the youth lacrosse program in Stamford, to develop the best program possible.We offer a scholarship program designed to make the sport available to a wider range of Stamford residents. We seek to engage our local city government for field access in parts of the city which have not previously been exposed to our sport. 

We want to develop a lacrosse culture in Stamford. We believe that our youth participants and their families should show support for our public high school lacrosse programs. The easiest way for you to show that support is through attendance at their games. Our high school coaches frequently devote part of their free time giving back to our youth program. 

Through the sport of lacrosse, our organizers and coaches have developed lifelong relationships and a passion for the game. We want the youth of Stamford to have the same kind of experience.